Monday, December 22, 2014

Mudslide...road closed

A small town near Tirana, Ibe, that I travel through to visit one of the orphanages in Elbasan has suffered a serious mudslide. Actually, there is new road construction in the area and either the entire road collapsed, or the mountain was not shored up. Either way the road is closed.  I forgot to mention, this is our "torrential rain season in Albania"..for December the rainfall average is ~6".

The interesting part about all of this are the options that are in place to travel to Elbasan.

  • The first option is to drive to the coast, and enter Elbasan through old, narrow highways from the east. It is 120km vs 45 maps says 1 hour 40 minutes...add several hours to that figure.
  • The second option is to take a small commuter van up to one side of the mudslide/debris...walk for about 5 minutes through the path that has been made, and get on another commuter van and continue to your destination.  I have a friend that was told..."this detour trip increased my prayer life."
  • The third not travel to Elbasan until the road is open...maybe sometime in January.  (the year was not specified).
Always an adventure....!

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