Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ronald in Serbia....!?

During our recent drive to Vajta, Hungary to attend the Foundations Conference at CCBCE, Nela, my PT intern and Dorina, the receptionist at ABC Health Center, were able to experience Serbia and McDonalds for the first time. Being American, and wanting a quick lunch we stopped there  both on our trip toVajta and our return trip back to Albania. you are thinking..."So what...?"  

Well, it was not that long ago that the US was bombing Serbia for war attrocities against Kosova.  Then to discover Ronald McDonald out balloons and taking photos with anyone who wanted one...was pretty funny. I don't think Nela and Dorina fully understood the "american cultural icon of Ronald"...but they were game to have their picture taken.  (Note...eastern european children would not even take a balloon from Ronald)  

It added a few extra laughs to our trip...which is always good....! 

By the way...the french fries were just as I remembered, and the McCafe had some amazing coffee, that helped the remaining 8 hours of our 15 hour drive home to Tirana.