Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kangoo Jumps~~~

 Ok...so my background in physical therapy had me scratching my head when a store opened up across from the market where I shop. Then I started seeing aerobic classes for adults, and children using these devices. My specialty in the US was "feet and ankles", and understanding gait, loading, and biomechanics of function.

I looked on the internet, and there have been some studies on the "claim" of reduced impact for athletes. In fact this is the claim, "with a lower risk of injury, providing significant protection to the joints, when compared to traditional sport shoes. Consequently, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes could be considered the world’s lowest impact shoe."  


Really...???  I looked up to see how much these "impact shoes" cost.  In the US...the cheapest version is $179, with available spare parts at $20 and up. With an average monthly salary of $300-400 USD here in Albania,  I wonder how many pairs of Kangoo Jumps this store has actually sold...?  

No...I have no plans to go in and try on a pair...!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

3.3 and 5.0...things are shaking....!

Early this morning there were two earthquakes, like seriously about 2-3 minutes apart.  So this is pretty new for me, no earthquakes in New Mexico.  I was in my living room, heard a commotion from all the dogs outside and then heard a loud rumbling...and the room was "rocking and rolling".  The first one made me think...wow what is going on?  Is there some heavy machinery work going on outside?  Then after the second one, I knew it was an earthquake.  I checked with my landlord...she is still probably laughing at me, as if this was just a normal day.  

Apparently, I found a site online that has mapped out the "earthquake risk for the Balkans" and surrounding countries.

Yes...life is always an adventure...!