Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miracle in Tirana....!

While I was in the US, I ordered some new long sleeve t-shirts to replace the 6 year old shirts I was using.  One color, a forrest/teal green, I splashed with grease...two huge spots right on the front.  I tried everything I could think of...to get the stains out.  This shirt had become a favorite...and now I had ruined it even before getting back home to Tirana.  I decided to take the shirt with me...I could still wear it under a sweater or if I had a really messy job to do...it was already stained. 

A friend from Portugal once told me that Fairy liquid dish soap gets every stain out.  Even if it left a white spot on my shirt...I had to try.

The stains are gone...completely. After 4-5 washings in the US with all the "best products"...the everyday dish soap, Fairy Liquid, did the job.

Now...I have my favorite shirt to wear again...!

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