Saturday, October 12, 2013

Goats and Sheep...

Goats, just hanging out on top of an old truck
 in the mountains of Corfu, Greece

              Sheep grazing below  my balcony in Kassiopi, Greece.  You can hear the "shepherd" talking to them

Friday, October 11, 2013

A little taste of Wisconsin in Greece...???

Today...I was in one of the small markets along the coastal road of Corfu Island, Greece.  I found Wisconsin Cheddar was $13.00 a kilo...I purchased 200gr.  I have been craving cheddar cheese...even trying to figure out a way to have someone bring me some from the US. There  are many really good cheeses to be found in the Balkans, but nothing tastes the same on a bowl of red chile as cheddar cheese.

I never would have expected to see cheddar cheese in Corfu.  I am sure the man that served me was wondering why I was so excited to see "cheese". 

One of God's little surprises...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On the Corfu, Greece...

I left early this morning from Tirana, headed to Corfu, Greece, for a time of "retreat", and to attend a conference for missionaries serving in Albania. I did not know that this trip would be a test of my driving "skills"...

To start with, I practiced many u-turns, and multiple trips around "round-abouts"...I got lost several times going through Durres...and I was only a hour into my day of driving.

I took the route that was suggested, leaving the coastal road and going inland through the mountains. There was a stretch of road, 45 km...that was literally "not a road"! It took me nearly 2 hours, and I had to stop often and practice my make sure I was still on the correct road to Gjirokaster. I was very grateful to finally be on pavement again...!

Non-paved road to Gjirokaster, Albania

The next test in my journey..was the winding, hairpin curves of going over the mountain to Iguomenitsa, Greece, where I was to take a ferry to Corfu. (I missed the turn off to the new highway and the tunnel through the mountain.) I have never driven a road with so many twists and sharp curves...there was no other traffic as everyone else was on the new road.  But...the scenery was beautiful!
Mountains near Iguomenitsa, Greece

Mountains near Iguomenitsa, Greece

The next part of my journey...was the easiest...a 1.5 hour ferry ride to Corfu Island.  It was dark with heavy rains...but I didn't have to drive...just sit and enjoy the ride

Once on Corfu, the biggest challenge was before me. Heavy rain, narrow winding roads, hairpin curves, dark, and I was getting tired.  I followed the road, praying that God would provide a "sign" that I was even on the correct road.  I saw a family getting into their car in a small village. They spoke English...yes, correct road, 8km more.  When I got to Kassiopi, I called my hotel, and they sent the father-in-law to meet me so I could follow him to the hotel. Thank you Lord...! I would have never found this place in the dark with heavy rains. 

The trip took me 14 hours...much longer than I expected...but it was a beautiful adventure...and God provided each step of the way.

Stay tuned...