Sunday, December 14, 2014

IKEA..."meatballs' in Greece

Many times since I have moved to the mission field, I have heard about the shopping adventure at IKEA.  I have owned some furniture from IKEA...that comes apart and goes back together easily for moving...which is the nature of life on the mission field.  The only problem was...the stores were not located in Kosova or Albania. Recently, I was driving back to Tirana, and stopped at a new IKEA store in Ioannina, Greece.

Wow, it is a huge collection of "everything" you could ever imagine, and have never thought of before for your home. (and a lot of things you really can live without!) There are arrows to direct you through the you have to experience and see every department...even if you are only looking for a few specific items.  I got lost a few times...the signs were in Greek, of course, but never felt like I would still be in the store come closing time.  IKEA workers were everywhere and very helpful.

Of course, before I went there, 2 different people on 2 different continents asked me about the IKEA meatballs.  I was looking for a down comforter and floor lamp...what are you talking about "meatballs?"  Some friends who frequent IKEA told me that the meatballs were in fact really sure to get the sauce and the jam with them.  WHAT....?

So...after I finished shopping, put my purchases in my car...I went back in the store to experience the "meatballs"...complete with sauce and jam.  They were really good, sorry no photos of me enjoying the food.  I did however purchase 2 bags of frozen meatballs, some packages of sauce and a jar of jam to have when I returned home in Tirana.  I plan to invite a friend who had never been to IKEA, and thought the "meatballs" were only an urban legend...over for dinner.

Now I can mark this off of my "bucket list"....who would have thought that really yummy meatballs were in the same store with really cool home furnishings...?!

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