Thursday, December 4, 2014

Automobile visa required in Greece...???

I was traveling to Corfu, Greece today, when I was met with a new and interesting requirement for international travel.  There was not a "visa stamp in my passport for my car".  Being an American citizen I did not require a "visa" stamp for myself, just a stamp for my car from when I visited Greece back in October 2013.  I had the international car registration papers, international insurance papers with me...but did not have a stamp in my passport for my "car" from my previous visit.  I was able to prove that I entered and exited Greece in 2013, but did not have any documents for my car.  I had never heard of this before. 
After 45 minutes of discussion and trying to understand the situation, I provided my Albanian residency documents and my business card from ABC Health Center, and the border police finally allowed me to enter Greece.  
Yes, I now have a document for my car, and I will make certain that I obtain the correct stamp when I return to Albania in 8 days.  
Each time I cross an international border, I am not sure what to is always an adventure!
One more thing:  my car was thoroughly searched again today as I was leaving Albania...everything taken out, all panels inspected, all compartments, every nook and cranny...but the guard never opened my suitcase. I so can't figure this out...why I am pulled aside to have my car searched...and the BMW and Mercedes go right on through...???  Am I being "profiled...?" 

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