Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gezuar Vitin e Ri ~~~

 Happy New Year from Tirana...!

Each year on New Year's Eve...I am amazed at the fireworks display put on the by the people of Tirana.  These are not "corporate" displays...they are individual people that buy these fireworks in the street        markets and launch them from the streets, or  their yards.  I wanted to stop and see what some of these "aerial" fireworks cost...there was such a large intense group of men around the vendors...I changed my mind. They have to be expensive...considering that the average monthly salary is about $300USD.  

New Year's is a very important celebration in Albania.  It is like combining Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Christmas into one holiday.  Family is the central focus...everyone goes home to celebrate with their family...that is not optional. 

Last night the display was spectacular, and loud...there was a lot of fireworks set off just below my bedroom window.

It is always an adventure...

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