Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How much...???

Here is a glimpse into the cost of living here in Tirana, Albania.  I decided to figure how much things cost in $USD.  So here are things I purchased or paid for in the last week. 

  • oatmeal, bought in bulk, $1.31 per pound
  • eggs, with chicken poop on them, $0.14 each
  • oranges from Greece, $0.43 per pound
  • mandarin oranges, from local growers, $0.43 per pound
  • olives, in bulk from local growers, $1.31 per pound
  • snickers bar, $0.48
  • honey, from local growers, $4.37 per pound
  • rotisserie roasted chicken, from vendor on the street, $4. 33 each
  • filtered water in container, $0.68 per gallon
  • telephone service $ 6.07 per month, free calls/texts to all missionary numbers, and  250mb data
  • internet service, unlimited $5.85 per month
  • diesel fuel, $6.78 per gallon
  • milk, $5.64 per gallon
  • notary public signature, $30.00
I find it always interesting the cost of some items, generally the produce is all local grown, very fresh and very inexpensive.

Then there are other things like phone and internet service, compared to the US standard crazy inexpensive, and the notary signature, crazy expensive.

Also, a gallon of milk costs almost as much as a gallon of diesel fuel. I buy much more milk than diesel fuel...I am so thankful for the great gas mileage I get on my little car.

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