Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now that is something new...!

I was recently walking through a park near my apartment and came across this "recycling center".  Wow...! In the Balkans...? If you have ever visited Kosova or Albania, you know that trash is absolutely everywhere, and then out of nowhere there is a "recycling center"? 

There is actually a lot of "recycling" that takes place in Tirana, at least along the street where I live. The dumpsters are constantly being cleared of plastic bottles, scrap metal, plastic bags, wood, and whatever else may be discarded. You will see small carts with huge bags overflowing with crushed plastic bottles and other recyclable items. 

Back to the "recycling center".  I was told by a friend, that there are only a few of these "recycling centers" in all of Tirana...that the government moves them around each week, to make it look like there are a lot of them. There is no way to find out what happens to items that are actually put into the "recycling center", my guess would be that they are emptied into the dumpsters with everything else. 

I guess it is a place to start...???

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