Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gëzuar Vitin e Ri....!

New Year's Eve in Tirana, Albania...from my bedroom window. Last year I watched this event from the top of a 9 story building, it was pretty amazing to look in every direction and see amazing aerial fireworks...and hear the constant explosions of intense firecrackers. Last night, it was crazy, almost scary,  from my apartment window...

When I closed the window after watching for about 5 minutes, my clothes and my bedroom smelled like "fireworks that sulfur?"  This spectacle lasts for about 30 minutes...and longer.  It started with great intensity about 15 minutes before midnight...and was still going strong at 12:15am...even this morning...there continues to be some firecracker celebration.  The firecrackers in Albanian...not the mild mannered "cap gun level of noise...firecrackers"...but the ones that sound like something is exploding.  (pretty sure that the firecrackers/fireworks sold on the street here in Albanian...pretty much illegal in the US.  They make me jump...I look out the window and I see kids...lots of kids...laughing with delight as they "blow up" more firecrackers. 

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  1. Happy New Year! I remember one year I was in Bulgaria for New Year's. It sounded like a war zone outside. I kept waiting for a rocket to come through my window! It was pretty scary!