Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Heat

When I first visited Tirana last September, I heard stories of the heat in August and how the city empties out for the entire month.  Now...into the first week of August, I am getting a taste of August heat.  Our weather had been mild for here up until the 22nd of July, highs in mid 80's, lows at night into the low 60's.  Then...we went straight into the high 90's and low 70's. Today, we are forecast to be 100 degrees.

I have learned something about the effect of humidity on temperature. In the early mornings, when the temperature is about 70 degrees, 40% humidity makes it feel like 80 degrees, with 40% humidity it feels like 90 degrees, with 40% humidity makes it feel like 91, and when it tops 100 degrees, with 40% humidity it feels like 109.  Some mornings the humidity is 60% or more, and by noon the humidity is down to 25-35%, and then in the evening back up to 40-50%.

I use the BBC weather link for forecast for Tirana.  This coming week the forecast for each day is 103-111 max temperature.  How ever you look at that will be hot!  Does it really matter after it tops 100 degrees?

Tirana is empty...the center of town that I dread driving through, see earlier post in January, there is absolutely no traffic, no pedestrians...I almost feel strange driving through this area...I have the road all to myself...and that was at 5pm on a weekday.  The nearest beach is about 1 hour away, and August is the month that the majority of Europe take a vacation.  It is not unusual to see stores closed, with a sign that says they are on vacation, be back September 1st.

Something Pastor Alex said this morning really  made me smile.  There is no air conditioning in our church building...2 small oscillating fans and open windows.  It is pretty warm in there.  It feels great to raise your arms during praise God, and to cool off a little too!. (just kidding). Anyway, Pastor Alex said, "... people tell me they won't come to church during the summer because it is too hot"  He tells them,  " do you know how hot it is in hell?"

Always an adventure....

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