Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Golf anyone...???

On a recent adventure driving through Serbia to attend a mission's conference in Vajta, Hungary, I encountered a hail storm that was clearly a first for me, as well as for the other young people with me.  On a major highway,  with no place to get under cover, we experienced "golf ball" sized hail. All we could do was stop along the edge of the highway, and seriously pray for God's hand of protection.  It was a very long 20 minutes, and the storm was not moving, we were finally able to slowly drive out of the path of the hail stones. 

As each hail stone hit the windshield...it sounded like an explosion. My prayer was the windshield would not break. There were other drivers trying to cover their cars with jackets, towels, or whatever they could find...I was not brave enough to get out and be hit with these hail stones.  My car has a few new "character dimples"...but it will always be fun to tell the story, and show the photo.

To be honest...I was frightened...it was seriously intense...!

Did you know where the term "FORE" comes from? It is Scottish in origin, and was used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball.


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