Monday, August 12, 2013

No OSHA in Albania...

 Last Tuesday, I had a new heating/air conditioning unit installed in my apartment. Remember I am on
the second floor of a 3 story house. These two workers were very flexible and agile as they took out the old unit, the large condenser unit is attached to the outside wall, then they re-installed the new condenser just below the window you see in these photos.  No safety belts, just great balance and trust.  There is concrete and a few bushes on the ground so it would not have been pretty if this young man had fallen.  I asked if they had insurance...everyone just laughed.  

My landlady, Lule...served the workers apple juice, and if you look closely there are 2 shot glasses of "canadian whiskey"...she actually gave it to them before they were done.  I provided cold water...I guess my hospitality skills need some work.

No injuries...and I am enjoying my new air conditioner. It works great.

Always an adventure...

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