Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Road trip to Vajta, Hungary~~~

June 23, Lirak, Suela, Urim and I headed for Vajta, Hungary, to attend the Calvary Chapel Leadership /Eastern European missions confernce

Thank you all so much for your prayers...We knew that we were bathed in prayer the entire trip. We left Prishtina at 6am...drove to MalishevĂ« to pick up Urim and we were on our way at 7:30.   We got lost in Macedonia...and lost 1.5 hour of time...but we were not discouraged.  An angel in a small red car said..."follow us"...we will show you to the Serbian border. We stopped to pray for God's favor.  At the Serbian border...Lirak and Urim were not allowed to enter...they are from Kosova and they can not cross into Serbia there. So...we turned around and drove back to Kosova...to try another border crossing from a smaller town.  Road construction in Gjilan...and we were lost again...in a maze of winding narrow streets...in Kosova. Another angel in a small red car...said..."follow us, we will show you the way" (the angel did stop for bread ;-))  We stopped for lunch, sent an email to CCBCE in Hungary for prayer and that we were now 5 hours behind schedule.  We prayed all the way to the border...that Lirak and Urim could cross.  Out of Kosova...no problem. At Serbia, the border police told Lirak and Urim to come out of the car and follow him...Suela and I were told to park and wait.  We prayed for the boys...God's favor, the mighty name of Jesus, that the Holy Spirits would flow out of Lirak and Urim.  Then Suela and I looked over and Lirak and Urim were laughing...what...???  The border police asked Lirak if it was true that men from Gjakova wear red underwear?  Lirak said yes, there was a comment about being searched to see if it was true, and Lirak replied "only by a female officer"...and Suela and I were praying thinking they were being detained.  They were each given a special document so they could cross. 
Right after crossing into Serbia, we could see a big storm ahead of us.  GOLF BALL SIZE HAIL...ON THE HIGHWAY...NO PLACE TO HIDE.  But the wings of God's angels...kept the  hail from breaking the windshield. Each time one hit...it just sounded like the windshield would just explode. There are some new "character dimples" on the roof and hood of my car.  We were able to drive after about 20 minutes...then were in heavy rain. We saw on the news about an hour later when we had to stop and get out of the car...there were cars washed away with the rain....and hail stones larger than we experienced.  As we got close to the border...we were not certain of the signs and stopped to ask again for directions...an angel in a green van..."follow me".   (all of these angels, spoke either albanian, or serbian or english)  We finally made it to Belgrade at 9pm...We were hoping to be in Hungary by 9pm.  At the Serbian border...it took 30 minutes to search my car...taking out all the mats, looking under the car, in the engine, door panels...everywhere.  We were allowed to pass. At the Hungary border...my car was really searched again, all bags out, searched through, interrogation as to why we were going to Hungary...note to self..."Bible conference" makes no sense in this part of the country...even if the guards speak English. It took us over an hour to cross this border area..but we were finally into Hungary.  We had great signs...until we were in the smaller rural area. We made it to the small town that CCBCE was very close to, and were lost.  2:30 in the morning who do you ask...?  Another angel walked by, 2:30 in the morning...and he gave us directions to the school.  We made it to the gate of the school. LOCKED...!  21.5 hours...so close but so far away.  We rang the gate buzzer for 15 minutes...no answer. I told Urim...honk the horn. Lirak replied..."ms Kathy...it will wake people up"  I replied.."do you want to sleep in the car...?"   Even with the horn...nobody came. Lirak climbed over the fence and pounded on a door in a house next to the gate...finally someone answered and asked him if he climbed over the gate?  Yes...!   At 3:30, we were in our room.  It didn't take long to fall asleep, breakfast at 8.  This was a 22.5 hour long day.  We discovered on Monday...that all the staff, everyone at CCBCE were praying for us.

One very amazing fact...at every Serbian border crossing, the man in the Serbian police uniform was an Albanian man...God's favor...!  Every Angel...was able to communicate with us...and led the way to where we were going...!

We laughed...God provided scriptures and we prayed His promises the entire trip.  The motto of our trip..."Continue straight"....even if the road curves...continue straight.  And we are all still friends...! 

Next time I come...we are taking a short cut...!  (anything is shorter than 21.5 hours) From Tirana to Vajta...1500 km...! and 2 tanks of gas~~~70€

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