Thursday, January 12, 2017 is still cold outside....!

So the last week we have continued to be trapped in this "freezing cold" weather pattern. This morning...about 2" snow and ice, these photos are from my apartment.

This area of Albania is so not used to "freezing" temperatures:
  • My landlady mopped the tile in our ceramic tiled courtyard yesterday, it was 28 degrees. I was so relieved when I made it down the stairs, also covered with ceramic tile.  Then I hit the "icy" courtyard would have made for a great video.  I had trouble finding a place that was not "icy" to even stand up. Does Charlie Chaplin come to mind...? Praise God...only bruises...again.  (Two weeks ago...I fell on the wet, ceramic covered stairs outside...that was very scary and painful) 
  • The lady that cleans ABC Health center...routinely mops everything. Yesterday, she mopped the tile courtyard, the w/c ramp, and the tile steps leading into ABC...about 5 minutes before patients were scheduled to arrive.
  • ABC Health center has not had running water for one week now...we use the bathroom at the neighboring coffee bar. Pipes are frozen, not broken.
  • There are many broken water pipes...old infrastructure and it is not strong enough to withstand the freezing temps...which leads to large sheets of ice on the sidewalks, and streets. is a good day to stay inside, I have food, water, somewhat warm in my 52 degree apartment, warm lap blankets to snuggle on my couch, a hot water bottle...but I am more comfy than many, many other people in Tirana.

And...yes...I am still smiling....! ;-)  
Yes....I still love my life here...!  

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