Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kangoo Jumps~~~

 Ok...so my background in physical therapy had me scratching my head when a store opened up across from the market where I shop. Then I started seeing aerobic classes for adults, and children using these devices. My specialty in the US was "feet and ankles", and understanding gait, loading, and biomechanics of function.

I looked on the internet, and there have been some studies on the "claim" of reduced impact for athletes. In fact this is the claim, "with a lower risk of injury, providing significant protection to the joints, when compared to traditional sport shoes. Consequently, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes could be considered the world’s lowest impact shoe."  


Really...???  I looked up to see how much these "impact shoes" cost.  In the US...the cheapest version is $179, with available spare parts at $20 and up. With an average monthly salary of $300-400 USD here in Albania,  I wonder how many pairs of Kangoo Jumps this store has actually sold...?  

No...I have no plans to go in and try on a pair...!

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