Sunday, June 15, 2014

Road Trip to Vajta, Hungary...#2

On June 14, 6:15am, Lirak, Suela and I left Prishtina, Kosova, headed to Malishevë to pick up our other passenger, Urim. We headed to Gjilan, Kosova to cross the border into Serbia.

Last year, on the same trip, we drove to the border with Macedonia, as we were told that is where we needed to cross. The two young men from Kosova, could not cross there, and we were directed to the Gjilan border crossing. This year...we thought that we all needed to cross at Gjilan, so we drove directly there. WRONG THINKING....!

Lirak and Urim needed to cross at Gjilan, Suela and I had to cross in Macedonia. The boys hitch-hiked to the nearest Serbian town, Bujanovac. Someone told us a place to meet near the bus station, we had no phone service in any of our phones.  Suela and I drove the long way around to Bujanovac...taking 4 hours. We found the boys...out exploring the town, the waiter at the restaurant told us where they were.  

We were all together again...and headed to the conference center in Vajta.  I had made arrangements with the staff at the Bible college...they called us at 6pm to see where we were on the road. We had sent an email already explaining the "detour"...and they provided us with a code to open the gate, and where our room keys would be.

We arrived at Vajta...really tired, at 2:15 and a half hours faster than last year.  20 hours of travel total.  (and two really tough border crossings...see "searched" blog) 

We didn't get lost this golf-ball sized hail...just a really long detour. 

It is always an adventure...God kept us safe...and  we were excited to be at the conference...!

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