Monday, June 23, 2014

Going home from Vajta....

The Foundations conference ended on Friday, June 20th, and at 6am on Saturday morning the four of us, Lirak, Suela, Urim and I were once again on the road...headed back to Kosova.  (I would drive back to Tirana on Sunday...)  There was not one single "car search" at any total, all 4 border crossings took a total of 45 minutes...combined.  Like that some kind of a record...???  Not one person even asked us if we had anything to declare.

I was very nervous as we approached the Gjilan, Kosova border crossing. A week earlier, Suela and I were not allowed into Serbia at this border...would they let us out of Serbia at this same crossing???  What if they separated us again...allowing the "boys" to cross and making Suela and I drive to Macedonia? I was too tired to add another 4 hours to our trip, Suela does not drive.

But GOD...!

We crossed without any incident...!  What a relief...!  

The return trip took us 13 hours total driving time...including borders and a sit down meal for about an hour.  We arrived at Lirak's apartment at 7pm.    

20 hours to get to Vajta...13 hours to get back home.  Hmmmm....???

I much prefer the shorter version. I can't really explain the 7 hour difference covering the same distance...but if you are driving in eastern Europe...don't count on the time that "google maps" tells you the trip will take...

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