Sunday, February 10, 2013

House call....

Sunday morning...8 am....I was still in my jammies, enjoying quiet time with the Lord. There was a knock on my apartment door, my landlord was calling out my name.  So, I answered the door, not knowing that she had a man with her to repair the leak in the bathtub faucet. come on in and fix the faucet.

30 minutes later the leak was repaired.

8am on a Sunday morning...really?  I had mentioned to my landlord that the leak was getting worse about a month ago...I had completely forgotten about it.  Evidently, she hadn't forgotten.

It makes me smile...always an adventure...

1 comment:

  1. hahah i remember having my neighbor in Romania non-stop pounding on my door while i was trying to take a shower! i even got out of the shower and told her i was in the shower and she kept knocking....come to find out she was my downstairs neighbor and my shower was leaking on her. hahah

    the joys of life for sure!