Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet George...!

It took a lot of creativity, extra $$$ funds in my support funds, and a team willing to bring a full skeleton to Tirana.  George arrived two weeks ago...many thanks to the SBB team from CC Wildwood for bringing George in a bin.  It was very easy to put all together, and I think for the first time in my PT career, I have seen a skeleton with all the parts intact. 

George will be an important part of the Practical Anatomy class I will start teaching in two weeks.  It is for physical therapy students, medical students, doctors, or whoever wants to come. 

When George was first put together...the following comments were heard:

  • Our nurse at ABC Health stated how good it would have been to see a skeleton like this while in nursing school. She had never seen a full size skeleton, only pictures.
  • One of our medical interns stated that he also has never seen a full size skeleton, no such thing is available in medical school. He is a licensed doctor, and he has never seen a skeleton before.  I can not grasp that...and I hear it over and over. This intern will be attending my class. 
  • Another medical intern wanted to know if it was a male or female...?  This intern will be attending my class. 

So starting September 5th, I will start teaching Practical Anatomy, to Albanian PT and  medical students.  I will challenge them to take all of their "rote memorization" of bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc and put it all together. So they will better understand where each bone is, how the muscles function, and how does that help us provide better care to our patients. It will be a challenge for the students, and the teacher.  I took anatomy in 1984, and I have never taught it before.  But...I have George to help...!

Always an adventure~~~

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