Monday, May 12, 2014

My Balcony garden...

 Those of you that know me, know that I love to garden. There is something therapeutic about having dirt under your fingernails.  I started collecting plants last spring/summer, and have added a few new geraniums in the window sill box. Some annuals that were a gift of seed last spring from friends in  NM, overwintered very well and are blooming now: the nasturtium and the snapdragons.  

At the end of the balcony is a is just now blooming and smells so wonderful in the mornings.  It has grown now so that it is hanging well over the when you climb the stairs into the can smell it.  I can also enjoy it when I am inside with the balcony door open.  

Also at the end of the balcony is a strange succulent type plant...that has hundreds of little starters that fall off of the branches...those are my "weeds"...I am pulling them from my other pots all the time. 

Our Spring has been cooler than normal, and I am will give my plants and the new starts a chance to get some strong roots before the summer heat arrives.

One of the girls from ABC Health was in disbelief that I purchased a "bag of dirt...!"  to pot all of my flowers. Wait until she learns that I used to buy bags of steer manure...!  Americans...we are a strange group...!

So...enjoy my little garden...

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