Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little bit of Mexico in Tirana...

Look at the items on this menu...it actually says
Santa Fe...the sauce was good, but
Definitely not spicey.
Look at item number 8...don't know what that is.
We had a lot of fun and laughter just reading the
menu...the Santa Fe spring rolls were very good,
but of course could have used some "heat" in the

Our waiter, had the facial hair added with a marker,
and he spoke no Spanish. 

Suela, Lirak and me...at the Mexican restaurant. The food was good,
and flavorful, but I need to go back and
teach the chef the definition of  "spicey " !

The weather was beautiful, we had a  table on the porch...
it was a  nice way to spend the afternoon with friends...! 

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